We’re committed to farming organically and sustainably for a healthier, happier community. Our food is safe and nutritious; grown without harmful synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. We sustain the soil using techniques such as composting, cover cropping and crop rotation. Pest control is achieved through preventative measures such as screening and covering crops against pests, as well as introducing beneficial insects and micro-organisms that either attack pests or colonize plant and soil to keep pests out.

We’re certified organic by Islands Organic Producers Association (IOPA), member number 1960.

Principles and regulations of organic farming in Canada can be found on the website of Certified Organic Associations of BC (COABC) www.certifiedorganic.bc.ca

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You can purchase our fresh produce at local Farmer’s Markets: Moss St Market, Oaklands Market, Esquimalt Farmer’s Market

You can also ‘order online’ and pick-up from our farmstand on Fridays after 5 pm.


You can enjoy some of our products at the following restaurants and grocers:

Be Love, Fol Epi, Caffe Fantastico, Nourish, Spinnaker’s, Northern Quarter, Mother Nature’s, Niagara Market, Lifestyle’s Market, Local General Store, Aubergine’s, Hank’s on Douglas, Brasserie L’Ecole, Charlotte and the Quail, Wildfire Bakery, Westcoast Pantry, Oceanic Market Garden, Stage, Boom and Batten, SPUD, Part and Parcel, The Sherwood, The Magnolia, and Union Club We always welcome new wholesale customers!

Please contact sales@northstarorganics.ca for a current produce and price list. Blueberries are available by pre-order in 10lb boxes, from early July to early August.

Pre-order through sales@northstarorganics.ca

Shawn has been farming for over 20 years. He was raised on a tender fruit farm in Southern Ontario and operated his family’s commercial greenhouse range before moving out west. Starting out by leasing a one-acre plot at Haliburton Community Organic Farm, in 2016 he expanded onto 10 acres at Bear Hill Road in Central Saanich.

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We are located at 2200 Bear Hill Road in Central Saanich, British Columbia.